Friday, 13 February 2015

February Favourites

On the last day of the month I realised I used a bunch of new accessories. My favourites of the lot are my hair accessories. 
I recently straightened my hair so m back to using all my hairbands n bows :D

I had purchased this multi-colored floral tiara from Hill road Bandra along with my Christmas decorations for Rs.100. 
I din't use it for Christmas or New Years coz many ppl were wearing these also it wasn't going with either of my outfits. 

Finally Wore it on Valentine's Day with an off white dress from n a jacket from .

My next favourite is a set of two things that I bought from 

When I ordered this I thought it's a clip on flower & was'nt sure if i would use it as a hairband .

But I tried it on n I was pretty happy with it. The flower covers up one side of my head so I used it on a day when my hair  
Was slightly greasy n I was too lazy to wash it ^_* 

Flash tattoos or metallic tattoos are a rage these days. M obsessed with'em.
It's that touch of bling without jewellery. 

My last favourite of the month is an fusion maang tikka hairband from the brand styled by bipasha basu. It's a little pricey but I got it on sale for around 350 rupees so m happy. 

Was so psyched that I tried it on as soon as I bought it.

Check out the website of