Friday, 27 March 2015

Product Review - ANNY Polish Corrector

Colouring outside the lines is what I've been doing since childhood. 
It's cute when u r a kid! But when the same kid grows up n applies nail polish like 5 year old using water color it's a no no. 
Not all of us would wanna get our nails done in the salon always. 
ANNY Polish corrector is a Salvation for messy people like me.

I picked it up at the SM Store in Manila, Phillipines.
It looks like a felt-tipped pen and the tip is shaped like a cuticle pusher. 
The other end of the pen contains 3 extra tips. 

In most of the DIY manis that you see people say that if you want a nail color to POP apply a coat of white first and then paint the color of your choice. 

Problem with this is when the coat of white peeks out below the actual color.

After using the Polish corrector my nails are much cleaner. 

Some might say why should I spend money for such a product. I can suggest two cheaper alternatives.........

1) Ear bud- dip you cotton bud in Polish remover and clean up the area around your nail .
Problem here is the shape of the cotton bud doesn't allow us to clean the crevices in the sides of the nails.

2) Tooth pic / cuticle pusher - Cover tooth pic / cuticle pusher with cotton and dip it in Polish remover. 
Problem in this case is if the cotton is too wet it might fall on the good part of the painted nail. If the cotton gets too dry fibres might get stuck to the nail.

All in all I am pretty happy with this product and would surely recommend it to you guys. 

Also for the ladies who wanna know what colors I used for my mani 
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - shade 300 (White On) 
Bourjois So laque glossy - shade 06 (Adore-bleu) 
Maybelline Color Show- shade 212 (Hooked-on-Pink)

Keep smiling n keep painting ur nails! 
              ---XOXO Pammy