Tuesday, 27 January 2015

OMG ! She said!!!

The 3 most frequently used words by almost every girl I know - OMG!!

A statement necklace n two-finger ring n a cute little pair of earrings is all one needs! Over a period of a few months I managed to put together the look! 

The first thing I found was the statement necklace at a Claire's store! Lucky for me the store had a 50% off some of their accessories and I bought this only coz twas on half off.

A few months later I bought the earrings from www.forever21.com ! It is a part of a set of 3 pairs of earrings that say OMG, LOL & YOLO! 

Picked up the ring from Blur Accessories in November! They had a sale in I got it for half off! So yay I saved some more:) !

And finally this is me saying OMG! 

Saturday, 17 January 2015

It's raining Reds - First impressions of L'oreal star collection!

L'oreal recently launched the star collection. It's a bunch of Lippys named after some gorgeous women! All shades of matte red!
I bought two of those shades one of em mainly coz it was the "Blake Lively" shade  “Pure Scarleto”

Yes yes I am a GG fan.☺️

The other shade I picked up is  “Pure Rouge  by Freida Pinto.  This one I bought not because I like Freida but It seemed pretty much like my all time favourite RubyWoo by M.A.C.😝

These are the swatches of both the shades! 💋💋

I tried on the Scarleto (Blake ☺️) shade. It looked pretty good but faded after a while also I had to touch up after a meal. But it felt nice and creamy not dry like the RubyWoo. 💋💋

I swatched both the shades on either side of my RubyWoo any the funny thing was that the Blake shade (Pure Scarleto) is much similar to the RubyWoo as compared to the Freida (Pure Rogue). 
I'm not sure if I'll be using the Pure Rouge coz it is slightly maroonish! 

On an average I liked the lipsticks but their price is on the higher side Rs.995.
Still tempted to buy a couple more.💋💋