Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Flash tattoo nail art

In my February favourites blog I mentioned flash tattoos since then I've been using them a lot. 

These tattoos are fairly easy to use. 
1.Cut out the design of your choice peel off the plastic. 
2.Place the tattoo face down on area of your choice. 
3.Dampen the paper and press and hold it for a few seconds. 
4.As the damp paper slides off voila there's your flash tattoo.

You can buy these tattoos on or or 

I decided to try and use these tattoos to liven up my boring nails.

I had painted my nails pink and blue and after a few days they started looking dull.

I decided to use silver and black star shaped tattoos. And followed steps 1 through 4 that I mentioned above.

The only change here is I placed the tattoo on the already painted nails.

My nails pretty long so I used two stars on my thumb.

After Drying up the damp area surrounding the tattoo. 

I used a clear top coat to seal the tattoo in place. 

I used the Sally Hansen Topcoat on my nails .

Repeated the same procedure for the rest of my nails. 

All my fashionistas, yes I know about water decals for nails. 
But getting the water decals in Mumbai is a hassle so these flash tattoos are an easy alternative. 

So wipe off ur tears ladies coz now u can have bling on ur nails in minutes.

M planning to do an Easter nail art using water decals. Lemme know if u guys wanna see a blog about it.

Till then keep smiling & bling up ur nails.

                       ----XOXO Pammy 

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