Sunday, 31 May 2015

Celebrate with The Body Shop - Part 2

The second part of my #CelebratewitTBS is a makeup product. 
It's the smokey 2 in 1 gel liner for eyes and brows. 
You get 2ml of the product for a price of 695 PHP. 

It has a tiny brush applicator at the top which works pretty well. So no hassle of carrying a separate brush for the liner. 

When I bought it I assumed it was smudge proof but there is no such mention on the product. I almost thought of exchanging it for something else.

But when I swatched it on my hand it looked really good. But it rubs off easily so for my smokey eyed ladies can use this to create that look. 

decided to road test this product a few days back. But it had smudged quite easily on my hand so to set it I used a dark eyeshadow. And it stayed on pretty well for a good 6-7 hours. 

 This is me after 4 hours. I think it stayed pretty well especially coz I have pretty oily lids and also the nasty habit of rubbing my eyelids. I haven't tried it on my brows yet but I don't think it will disappoint me. 

You might say that it's a tad too expensive but hey it's by the The Body Shop. It can never be bad right. 
M loving it so far. I hope you guys try it out. 
            --XOXO Pammy 

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